My survival with mods for minecraft 1.12.2
28.06.2022 13:23
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I welcome everyone. Today I will tell you about my walkthrough of minecraft with mods. The assembly of mods was made by me and some of the mods were complicated in advance for more interest in passing.

Building a house

It was decided to settle in some pleasant place. This place turned out to be a clearing, where a village was located nearby.

If you look out the window, you can see the trees that I planted myself, but later they began to interfere with the passage of light and it was decided to cut them down. The house was made in the form of an octagon, because this figure is the most convenient to expand and also did not look shabby, compared to a typical box.

Since I managed to get enough wood, the house immediately acquired a large number of chests and, most importantly, a bed.

Subsequently, I began to cut down the neighboring forests and the tree became too much. It was decided to build the 2nd floor. In theory, he was supposed to take on the role of the so-called "laboratory", but I moved the bedroom there and had to shelve the idea of the laboratory. At the same time, I am trying to learn mods. As you can see, there is a crusher next to the house, which is a block from the applied energistic mod.

At some point, to diversify the gameplay, I installed super realistic textures and also immersed myself in mods a little more. The first mod that helped me the most was a mod for a special enchantment table, which, unlike the usual one, provided a choice of enchantments.


Almost immediately, such mods as:

  • Project E
  • Applied Energistic
  • Divine RPG
  • Solar Flux

Project E helped with resource shortages and added a price to each resource that depended on its rarity, which allowed you to exchange something you didn't need for more needed items.

Applied Energistic, a mod that adds electronic storage to the game, which can contain a huge number of items.

Divine RPG, a mod that adds a large number of mobs, dimensions and armor to the game, which make the gameplay more exciting and challenging.

Solar Flux, a mod that all mods need because it added solar panels that generated energy and, for example, could feed storage from Applied Energistic.


Since the project e mod is very demanding on resources, a quarry was built for their extraction. Almost all resources were traded for a quarry and a good solar panel to power it all. The quarry worked quite well. But he had one drawback.

This is a chunk in minecraft. A chunk is a piece of land 16 by 16 blocks from 0 to max height. And the problem is that if you dig it manually, then about 16 * 16 * 70 ~ 18000 blocks will come out for each chunk, and the quarry digs not 1 chunk, but from 1 to 12, and it does it quite quickly. Which at some point led to the fact that 3 diamond chests could not contain such an amount of resources. (they only held ~15000 blocks). Which led to the loss of resources, which had to be minimized. The first thing I did was start converting all the resources into diamonds using the project e mod, which in theory should have solved the problems, but due to the speed of the quarry, the chest for processing simply did not have time to do this and the resources were spit out again. Unfortunately, at that time I had to carry the resources manually, but this did not help until I created the trash can. All unnecessary resources went to the trash with the help of a filter, but they also cost emc (currency in project e, for exchanging resources), so this solution was also not ideal.


In the screenshot you can see a big glowing thing that helped solve the problem. At some point, there were very few resources, although he dug a quarry, but all his merits immediately merged into building a reactor higher. He helps to generate emc, which is later converted into items, but he himself would not be able to produce such a large amount of emc, because of which 4.500.000 emc were accumulated, which were invested in watches to speed up time. They accelerated time within a radius of 15 blocks from them, which accelerated the production of resources at times, and finally I could afford to build a data center.

Storage for billion resources 

As we know, the applied energistic mod helps to create huge storages that can be easily used using the terminal. And when I first made a big profit, I fully invested in a huge resource data center, which costs about 20.000.000 emc, to which I connected an ender chest and with it, resources were transferred from the quarry to my home, and later to the storage.

The problem with the disappearance of resources disappeared, which prompted me to take a step towards installing 2 quarries, which subsequently increased the amount of resources to 1 million units.


The last push was to make an experience farm for enchanting armor, but later armor was crafted that does not allow any damage to pass through itself, which was the end of my walkthrough. I have studied almost all the mods inside and out. Of course, the assembly was made a long time ago and had a couple of flaws that created an imbalance in the gameplay, but for myself, I quickly fixed them. The most useful mod was project e, which basically ended my game, because with the help of quarries and a reactor, I accumulated a total of 500.000.000 emc, which is a huge amount of any resource. The most interesting were probably the career and storage mods, build craft and applied energistic, respectively. As a result, I advise all minecrafters to assemble their assembly from mods and go through it in a few days. If you liked this walkthrough, put likes, subscribe to the channel, stay up to date. Goodbye.

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