The Promised Neverland is the best thriller of our time.
26.06.2022 18:51
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I welcome everyone. Today we will consider such a work as the promised neverland. Consider the psychological aspect of this anime and characters.



We are shown children running around the clearing. Later we learn that this place is a Catholic orphanage. In it, children are taught, fed and educated. In the first frames, we learn about 3 main characters: Emma, ​​Norman and Ray. Children do not have any problems, and if they appear, then Mom solves them. But, there is one condition in this shelter that when a child reaches 12 years old, he is given to a family with foster parents. One of the children is turning 12 and the orphanage is celebrating her last birthday. Everyone is sad that their friend is leaving the orphanage, but they agree that they will write letters to each other.

Mom leads the child over the fence, which children cannot cross. But she forgot her toy, her beloved teddy bear, with whom she did not part all her life. Emma notices this and decides to hand over the toy before it's too late. She and her friend Norman run to her friend despite the rules about crossing the fence. But the children see how their friend lies dead on the table, and a flower grows through her heart. Suddenly, strange creatures enter the room and start talking about an elite product and that they will not eat such children in their lives, because they cannot afford them.



Emma and Norman manage to get under the table even after the demons are gone. They left the room and ran home. But Emma dropped the bear, which was later found by her mother, realizing that most likely someone was leaving the shelter.

Psychological pressure

While watching, you are shown a beautiful rich picture, which abruptly changes to a gloomy one, which dramatically changes the viewer's perception of what is happening on the screen. Also, the tension builds up due to the fact that the main characters are children who simply cannot physically fight back demons who are several times larger than children and who are sentient and have equipped shelters with the most modern security methods.


Music plays a big role in the perception of the work. With the help of music, there is an organic transition from ordinary moments to intense ones. Music helps to understand where we are in the story and what emotions we should be experiencing. As in any anime work, the music here is at the highest level. The music of the "promised neverland" can be listened to separately from the anime.

Plot genius

The plot is colorful and glows with all possible experiences and anxieties, but they prepare the audience for the culmination of the genius of the main characters. When it seems that the anime will end right here and now, an action takes place that completely flips the plot. The action does not take place at the behest of the scriptwriters, but is explained by the actions of the main characters, which were omitted in view of the subsequent action and which are shown only when the viewer has already come to terms with the fate of the main characters. The promised neverland, like the death note, simply takes out the viewer after another ingenious miscalculation, which also plays into the hands of the constant forcing atmosphere of the work.

My opinion and results

The Promised Neverland was my first anime that went straight to my heart. I have not seen such well-developed characters in any other film, book, series. A great storyline that is almost impossible to get to the bottom of. Of course, there are cliched moments, but they flash against the backdrop of beautiful art and a great plot. In my opinion, we collect "Top 10 anime to start with" and in the first place I put neverland, no matter how much I love death note. Because as a typical layman who only wants to get acquainted with the culture, it is better to start watching from Neverland because of its fast-paced plot and a fairly small number of episodes that, in theory, can be mastered in 1 day of viewing. If you liked the article, please like and subscribe. Also, you can write ideas for an anime review and your opinion in the comments.

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